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Welcome to my Travel Blog.

I clearly remember in the year 2000 making a commitment to undertake one “BIG” trip a year in order to maintain my sanity  amongst the somewhat crazy world of corporate life that i was leading at the time. As it turned out, circumstances intervened and I was to go on an amazing adventure that year but not as a tourist, rather with a work relocation that saw me move for several years to Canada and then with the gift of a lifetime, to move to Manhattan for an extended period of time. Wow, now was that an eye opener. By that time I had thought myself a seasoned traveler with over 22 countries under my belt but I soon realized  that every country had its own appeal, some just took longer than others to find.

Since then and with ease of travel into Europe via continental USA I’ve been blessed to make many more trips to far flung locations.

I’ve thought about writing a travel blog for years but kept putting it off for one reason or another, thinking I had nothing unique to add to all the travel voices I had heard or seen over the time. It wasn’t until I started really focusing on my skill as a photographer that I realized I had stories and information at my fingertips that people might find interesting and worthwhile. So now I’ve come through that self doubting stage, motivated to regale some of my experiences from my trips around the world.

My next trip is to Prague, Czech Republic (this month). February just gone by I was in Las Vegas and San Diego USA. November 2011 I was in India…

I confess this has been some time in the making, but I really felt a compulsion to get it all out there and to share with you some of the experiences I’ve had during my travels. The emotions associated with these experiences run the whole gambit; happy, sad, overwhelmed, serene, just to name a few. So come with me on a journey and enjoy these locations as much as I have.

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