Early sunrise at Newcastle Beach, NSW

Not all my posts have to be about an overseas location.

There’s beauty right at my own back door.

This image was taken in 2009 at dawn, Newcastle Beach, Newcastle NSW.

I’ve long been a lover of that twilight zone between day and night and regularly get up 2hrs before daylight to hightail in my car to some crazy location. If you’re going to do this, make sure you have a plan mapped out the evening before and have everything packed that you will need, including a torch to work your camera from. Poor preparation means you either won’t leave with enough time to catch the coming of daylight or you won’t leave at all. Of course you’ll need all the other items you would assume; Tripod, remote control, spare batteries, spare cards, warm clothes, water to drink. Along with your lens of choice. This image here was shot with a wide angle lens.

Granted there’s plenty of opportunities to get great shots during the middle of the day but if you want those spectacular sunrises or sunsets timing is critical. All it takes is  little effort for that early morning rise…


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