Ponderings from my Balcony

I arrived in New York almost 6 months to the day after 9/11 .

I don’t really understand why this point is important except to say that security was a screaming nightmare and people were still in a state of shock and disbelief.

I moved initially to Brooklyn Heights and then to New Jersey. Some would say this was a step backwards, to move to Jersey after living in the city but city life has a curious effect on people.

When I first moved overseas I had this philosophy that when I lived in another city, other than my home city of Sydney, Australia, I would always live somewhere so that when I woke up in the mornings I would know where I was.

Thus began my affair with city living on a different scale.

When I moved to Toronto, Canada, I moved into an apartment on Carlton Street, opposite the Maple Leaf Gardens building. I had a penthouse apartment (which didn’t really mean much to me, except it was the top floor) and faced the CNN tower. So when I woke up every morning (without any blinds on my windows to hide the view) I knew exactly where I was.

After I had lived in New York for only a short time I knew I needed distance at the end of my day to keep the world in perspective. So I had a choice of living right in the city center, seeing the skyscrapers up close and personal, or coming home each day to a truly phenomenal view and enjoying the lifestyle while being 10 minutes from the city center.

Now, which would you choose?

The hustle, bustle and urgency of city life right on your doorstep or a spectacular view and the city only 10 minutes away via car, cab or 15 minutes via the ferry.

I know what I chose and I can tell you, to a weary traveler, it was, as we would say, a no brainer.

So I moved to what might be the best kept secret for property in the New York area (dare I say its name!) and have never regretted it.

This is still my home when I come to New York and I can tell you I enjoy each and every moment of my time there….


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