New 2012 Photo of the Day Series

This image of the double ocean baths at Austinmer Beach on the south coast of NSW, was taken over a year ago.

After days of overcast weather and while leaving Sydney at around 4am to ensure I would arrive in time for dawn, this day turned out to be fantastic. Mind you I had no faith that the cloud cover along the coast would allow for sunrise photography, so it was a bit hit and miss.

It was still dark when I arrived but already the locals were getting ready for their morning dip.

They kindly gave me a few minutes to set up my tripod at exactly the right time because the clouds parted sufficiently to make a blanket on which the dawning light spread and reflected into the pool of near still water.

As usual at dawn more often than not, a ripple of wind lightly touched the pool to dispel the total stillness.

I thought Sydney had tremendous sunrises but this one was truly spectacular.

I even took Sun Tzu (my dog) with me. Mind you, he slept in the car while I was out shooting. He was rewarded with a run along the beach next door which was dog friendly.

A nice way to start the day isn’t it..


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