2012 Photo of the Day series – Calli who? Callicoon, NY

A stunner isn’t it?

Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, where eagles fly overhead, this charming town lies gracefully steeped in history and rich in sightseeing opportunities.

I spent a delightful long weekend there towards the end of October 2005.

I’d been promising myself sometime to explore the rich and vibrant colors of the North Easy in the Fall but every year things just seemed to get in the way and you only have a few weeks of these vibrant colors before they begin to fade and leaves fall to the ground.

Settled in the 1600’s by Dutch hunters traveling west from the Hudson valley, here they found a location on the banks of the Delaware River where there was an abundance of wild turkey.

They called this site “Kollikoonkill” meaning “Wild Turkey Creek.”

In the 1840’s when the Erie Railroad opened up the area, laying tracks along the banks of the river to link the Great Lakes with the Eastern Seaboard, the townspeople renamed the town Callicoon Depot.

I stayed in the Western Hotel, previously a 19th century home to melodramas, concerts and even roller skating. The hotel is also the site of the murder of Laura Darling by her bartender husband. The publican proudly told us that story on our arrival to our room!

No ghosts did I see that night, nor any other nights.

We did however choose to enjoy those magnificent sunrises and sunsets with the Catskill foliage while walking, hiking and driving on the beautiful winding back roads.

Located on the Delaware river, Callicoon also offers many water sport activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting, swimming and tubing, as well as eagle watching and fishing.

On our days there, as we wound through the back roads, we found a surprise around every corner to take your breath away.

If you ever get a chance to get to The Catskills it is well worth any effort.

Easily accessed from New York City via the New York Thruway or from New Jersey via Palisades Parkway.

Remember it is cold by this time of year, do not be fooled by the sometimes blue patches of sky.

Always bring warm clothes and be prepared for sudden turns in weather.


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