More than just another post a day – The Fragile State of a Nation….

If there’s one thing I’ve become even more aware of since regularly blogging; it is how small this world really is and how connected we all are.

Blogging has really made me more aware of the world at large and of our social responsibilities.

Tonight on the news was an article about Chad in Northern Africa.

Chad is a country about 85% the size of Alaska.

Did you also know that Chad has a population of almost 11 million people, and that infant mortality is at 95%/1000, yes that’s 95%, and total life expectancy is only 48yrs?

West Africa is an incredibly fragile region and aid agencies say a full scale humanitarian emergency is just around the corner.

I think about the children I saw in the poorer parts of India as I did my tourist thing and went around India’s Golden Triangle. I was not without thought and concern for these children and still they are better off than these children in parts of Africa.

I believe that part of the responsibility of being in this world is about participation. Over many years I have found that the more you put into something the more return you get. That return might just be something as simple as a smile or thank you, but somehow that leaves you feeling just as great as if you had won a million dollars.

It’s time to shift our collective consciousness to focus not on what the world can do for us, but what we can do for others.

In this instance it’s making ourselves aware of this deep deprivation happening out of sight of the world at large and in some small unique way making a contribution, in whatever manner you see fit, to provide support where it is needed.

I estimate my dinner tonight would have cost me $15; steak, veggies, dessert…. and a glass of wine…

How much can you spare to help save these dying children?… I donated via the secure online payment process at Save the Children fund,

News Article:


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