Photo of the day – How does this make you feel?

I can still remember the mad rush to find just the right spot to stop for the morning sunrise.

You have to be in the right general area anyway and most likely just a stones throw away from your final location.

Craig, as usual made it all happen.

As a regular to Kruger national park he’s stayed  at most locations and knows the roads pretty well.

He also knows areas with most sightings for the big 5, you know what they are, yes?

Generally accepted as lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and cape buffalo, with, I would say the leopard being the most elusive of this group.

I have a total of 2 photos of my encounter with a camera shy leopard, both with his body turned away from me in what Craig calls the “African salute” (backside to the camera)

That happen later this day.

However at the time the sun was rising on this day there was nothing else to do but watch in sheer pleasure as it made its debut behind this tree.

The color of the mist is brought about because of the low angle of the sun in the sky.

Gorgeous isn’t it?


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