Post a Day – Head on Festival Day 1

I’ve just come home from a day of stuffing my head full of new and exciting photography ideas.

It’s always so enriching to mingle with other photographers, they’re a rare breed.

Always so friendly, informal and inquisitive. Ready to share their insights through word of mouth.

Today was the first day of the regular two day seminar that is held at the beginning of this 5 week long photography festival held annually here in Sydney.

I believe this event is in its third year and I’ve been here for everyone of them. Not that I’m alone in this endeavor, there are many devotees.

It’s a festival that has significant international acclaim being probably the second biggest photography festival of its type in the world.

Much of this kudos has to go to Moshe Rosenzveig, the festival founder and ongoing curator, but I know he has a large group of volunteers aiding and assisting behind the scenes.

Since I’m into blogging I found the presentation given by Valeriy Klamm extremely insightful.

Valeriy is a photographer/blogger from Siberia who is managing a project of photo-blogging the life of people in rural Russia.

What an amazing thing to do and how exceptional that we can, through the power of the internet, have access to such imagery.

Even though all the text is in Russian the images are well worth a visit to the site.

Valeriy has an exhibition at the Muse at Ultimo TAFE commencing May 7th for anyone interested..

Much of this seminar was devoted to helping or advising emerging photographers with useful information about everyday practices that they need to master …

I can’t wait for tomorrows installment…

and for those of you who don’t live in Sydney, this festival is held in Sydney each year at this time, and right now is a fabulous time in Sydney… maybe we’ll see you next year…

You can find out more information about what the festival has to offer by going to the website at


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