Travelin’ stories

If you have an interesting travel photo with a short story to go with it, why not contact me about it?

The best submissions I will publish to my blog, and full cudos to you.

I’d like to know, and I’m sure others might also, why you took the photo and how it felt to be there, wherever you were…

This image is of Bondi beach, a local favorite of mine because it seems to change moods every day, and even many times a day.

Bondi Beach, taken in autumn

Maybe you have a favorite travel image and you like travel blogs but you don’t want the hassle of writing a blog post each day.

This opportunity is for you to grab.

and remember travel doesn’t have to be some famous international destination. Sometimes local scenes are noteworthy and seeing as we all live in different locations, we all have something to offer…


4 thoughts on “Travelin’ stories

  1. Hi Carol! I will work on something and send it to you. Is the next couple of weeks ok? Thanks, D

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