Come celebrate with me – It’s Mother’s Day

This morning I find I have a lot to say.

This image today is of Union Station in Washington DC….

Union Station, Washington DC

Its Mothers day today.

In most counties all over the world mothers are celebrating their special day.

Did you know that Mothers Day is celebrated across the world on the same day in most countries but Fathers Day is not?

Mother’s Day is really a day for families to offer thanks and appreciation for the matriarchs of their “tribe”.

I’ve used the word tribe in several of my posts when speaking about families and that’s because I think it appropriate.

In its most base form we are all connected on this primitive level.

Some people do not have family, any family and I can appreciate how isolating this must be for them.

I travel a lot, both for work and personally. I love it, its an extraordinary life.

However there’s a painful side to travel unless you’re doing it with family or friends.

That pain is the isolation and segregation from those you love, admire and respect as part of your family structure.

On this, the day society has put aside to esteem the value of mothers all over the world, I sincerely hope each and every one of you can spend it with your mother, either in person or in spirit.

I’m so happy to be able to say Happy Mother’s day to my mother… love you xx


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