New Zealand, small and wonderful..

I love New Zealand, the land and the people.

I’ve visited there many times for work and recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend touring the tip of the north island. We went up the east side of the Island stopping wherever we felt drawn to, crossed at the top and came back down the west side.

We went to Stanmore Bay and Warkworth.

We drove to the coast and visited Oakura and Russell Forrest and spent am amazing evening at the Bay of Islands.

Evening sunset followed by a glorious sunrise topped off our stay and set us in the mood to roll down the windows, turn up the stereo  and leisurely meander down turning and twisting roads.

I figure, every time you can seize the opportunity to smell the roses is a bonus in this life…

New Zealand, North Island

This lone Kingfisher stood watch as the sun slowly crept over the land.

We had a blast. The people were friendly, the accommodation good and the food superb.

Couldn’t have asked for more… until we turned for home…


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