Quirky, complex plots make these movies come alive……

My recent visits to the small screen cinema on the plane include “Poupoupidou” by Gerald hustache- Matthieu

I give it  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  5 stars

A cleverly crafted thriller that will play with your mind and excite your senses.

Backed by a strong lead performance from Jean-Paul Rouve and some gorgeous wintertime landscapes, this second feature from writer-director Gerald Hustache-Mathieu is a definite to attract art house audiences interested in a movie from France that doesn’t only involve sex and chatter (though there’s some of both on display, plus some odd snippets of full-frontal male nudity).

The bottom line is that its a quirky murder mystery where the world’s most famous blond gets resurrected in rural France.. script plus music superbly crafted…

I also just finished watching  “A separation” by Asghar faradi.

This is a compelling drama about the dissolution of marriage in Iran.

There are stories within stories, cleverly crafted and seemlingly interwoven into the total fabric of the main story.

I won’t give the game away but I loved it. Well acted with moments of poignant emotion displayed such as when Nader is shower bathing his Alzheimer – suffering father.

Definitely worth the Oscar it won for best foreign language film 2012…

My opinion…  find an arthouse and go and see it….


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