Ramblings from my past… children are such a blessing aren’t they??

I’m sitting in yet another airplane going to yet another city, watching the last unwatched movie for the month of May.

I wonder how many times have I done this before?

I remember many years ago traveling with a two year old on that long haul from Sydney to Denver Colorado.

I was going to work there for 3 months and because my son was so young at the time the company paid for both him and my mother to come with me.

Mum followed a bit later, so my son and I made the initial trip together.

He was not a good flyer… Perhaps he’s changed now but back then he was like a little worm, always on the go, never sleeping.

Can you see him? And all that non stop chatter..

Can’t you hear him? In typical childlike fashion.

I remember he must have driven the other passengers crazy with his antics, and to make matters worse he pretty much had constant ear infections so he was in pain from the pressure changes during flight as well.

Anyway we survived that trip and went on to make many, many more both together and with my other son. Some adventurous  with plenty of grit and others more laid back but through it all we shared those experiences together and that’s what counts.

Some would say it made me a better person and still others might say just traveling with small children takes grit…

and I would agree either way… 🙂


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