The Boss – guest post by AirportsMadeSimple

I always have fun reading posts by AirportsMadeSimple and so I invited them to write a guest post for me. You can see their site at

The Boss.

Or, Lost in Airport Hell.

By AirportsMadeSimple

Nothing says lose your new job faster than “I can’t come into work because I’m stuck in a snowstorm.” It sounds so…lame.  At least in my former world.

In the early 2000s, I worked intense jobs in the legal profession. No room for error.  The work got DONE. You had to be THERE.  No excuses.  (Or, I guess, someone would…die? No. That only applies to cardiac surgeons.) But I digress.

Never fully grasping the intensity and seriousness with which my fellow legal “inmates” took The Law, I was shocked one morning when one of my overbearing bosses actually followed me into the women’s restroom to ask me a question. Unfortunately for me, he (yes, He) looked NOTHING like any of the guys on Allie McBeal!

Eager to make a good impression on said new boss (yes, I was a sick puppy), and willing to overlook an obvious case for harassment, I set off on a quick Christmas trip to visit my parents in rural Missouri. (Note: This trip was negotiated upon hire with said boss.) I said goodbye to my new (and patient and kind) boyfriend, “J,” and off I went.

All was well.


Wichita, Kansas.

The snow began in Missouri on Christmas Eve. I remember this because otherwise, I would have high-tailed it outta Missouri.  But there’s nowhere to go on Christmas Eve. No people out and about–everyone is hunkered down for The Snow. I mean…it’s Christmas, after all!

Christmas came and went. Everything went well. So I head back to the Springfield, MO airport to catch my flight.

Or so I thought!

After 12 hours of sitting, sleeping, and lugging around 50+ pounds of crap (it WAS Christmas, after all), I was finally on a jet plane home.

Or so I thought!

Ah, no. This is when I was re-routed to Wichita, Kansas.

The Airport From Hell.

[NOTE: If you’re from Kansas, I have nothing against the State or the people.]

Just American Airlines, snow, Christmas, winter and bad bosses. When they all happen at the same time.

We land in Wichita.  I gather my bags (who knew when I’d see them again at this rate?).

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

The Airlines lie in these situations.


Otherwise, it’d be complete chaos.

I didn’t know this.


12 hours at the Wichita airport.

Many, many calls to The Boss.




Phone call to new boyfriend J: complete and total breakdown.

I remember thinking (as I was yelling into the payphone at J, since my cell phone had long-since died): “this is completely unlike me and irrational!”

Poor J.

I finally decided to check into a hotel room. I needed sleep, food and a shower.

But I SHOULD have been at work.

So I called The Boss one more time with an update on the hotel situation where I was staying. Had to stay. Had NO option. Other than the airport. (Did I care after 28 hours of this? No.) He must have sensed this…

So you know what The Boss did?

Had his flunky CALL MY HOTEL ROOM to see if I was REALLY there!




There are two things I learned that day:

1)     Texans have NO CONCEPT of snow. Yet, if it snows even the slightest amount IN Texas, they shut everything down. Even Starbucks.

2)     Don’t take any trips immediately after you start a new job. Even if it IS Christmas.

Your Boss and boyfriend will thank you.

snowed in..

4 thoughts on “The Boss – guest post by AirportsMadeSimple

  1. Hi Carol! Thanks for the post and I LOVE the picture you provided. Just perfect. I’m reblogging it now. 🙂 have a wonderful day. You are a GREAT photographer.

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