Delhi June 11th

Finally arrived at Delhi airport.
Imagined I could feel the humidity bouncing off the plane at we disembarked. Its 38C and its past midnight my time..
the difference between the last time I was here (on vacation) and thuis time couldn’t be more opposed.
 Was met by the hotel airport staff and slickly ushered to a waiting top line BMW town car.
 Last time I had to wait in line and walk to our tour bus..
But some things never change. Lane markings on the road are merely suggestions as 5 rows of cars merge and weave throughout the 3 marked laneways…
Dust blowing across the road creating an an illusion of abandoned wastelands..except for the miriad of head and tail lights from zippy cars.
Throw in the occassional Tuk Tuk to create havoc and I feel right at home… not that dissimiliar to traffic in New York.. haha True and bizarre

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