The advantages of airline alliance …

There’s definitely some advantages to staying with your preferred airline group.

Singapore airlines was a great flight from Perth to Singapore (just over 5 hrs flying time) but its all the little things that you take for granted when traveling that I missed.

I’m spoiled, I know it.

I can use the club lounges for free and have a shower if I need it, free wifi, good food, TV even if I want… provided I stay within the airline alliance for One world.

I took this flight because my travel agent said it was a better connection than Qantas. Hard to believe when I woke up this morning and realized I had a 6hr layover in Singapore… I’ve nothing against Singapore but hanging around airports unnecessarily just drives me crazy.

anyway, I’m here.

As usual even the airport in Singapore is immaculately clean. That’s definitely one thing I remember about Singapore from previous trips here.
Clean, clean, clean… and friendly..

Coming from Perth shaves about 4 hours off the trip to Delhi, definitely good to know. But I’m just so tired after the last 4 days work that I can’t really appreciate it. This morning I was up at 3.45am to quickly shower, check out and make my way to Perth International airport, which was further away than I thought..
One thing I can tell you is that duty free shopping sucks at Perth airport, definitely don’t wait till you hit the airport for your duty free shopping needs. Another thing I’m spoiled about, Sydney as usual has heaps of everything…

So while I’m hanging out at Singapore airport I’m mingling with the tourists and the locals alike, and taking advantage of the relative coolness in the mid 30s C cause I know its going to be hotter where I’m headed.

Last time I looked Delhi was 43C and climbing…


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