I AM different and yet the same ….

It occurred to me that the text I added to this image is very prophetic .. we are all different and yet we are the same…

I love this image and have used it for my header with my portrait blog site, Pretty as a picture, http://caroldamiciphotography.wordpress.com/

I am different and yet the same…

It shows an unopened bud struggling for recognition against a sea of “sameness”.

Every time we doubt ourselves we should celebrate those things that make us individual.

Each and every one of us makes a contribution to this life and we should take the time to recognize our worth.

Important also is to cultivate and cherish any “flower” with attributes different to our own.

It’s this garden with its mismatched dirt plots and enticing glimpses of color and conundrum that makes our eyes sparkle, our lips smile and our minds work….

Enjoy every day as though it was your last, wring every drop of life, and stand tall and proud of what you are….


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