Where am I today?

They tell me Melbourne is a wet and windy 7°C today as we commence the hour and five minute flight.

Departing 15 minutes late due to five aircraft on the runway before us, we arrive on time no less because delays etc are built into the departure and arrival times. Go figure!

At the beginning of my week I take stock of the 9,084kms I will fly this week to Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

You’ve heard it all before but keeping well hydrated is essential to be in top form for when you hit the ground running and launch into those million and one business meetings.

Actually, flight time can be quite a productive time, catching up on email, reviewing documents etc.

I try not to spend too much time gazing out the window but I do love a good view.

Mt Hotham looks great today from the air but its whiteness is in start contrast with the surrounding non snow covered mountains.

I’ve heard it is a good season this year but from here, it looks unlikely…


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