Meet Janis

They say  dogs are mans best friend.

I wonder how you’d compare your pet to Janis.

Janis is a miniature pig.

Miniature pigs are in, big time… if you haven’t already heard.

I met Janis 2 years ago in Vava’u, Tonga.

Her “parents” took her everywhere they went.

Much like a beloved dog she traipsed at their feet.

When they sat in the local cafe or bar for lunch or a drink, she followed.

Allowed to wander without a leash, she roamed the floors of the cafe where we had lunch, much like a miniature hoover, a living, breathing one, she nibbled and grazed on what she could find.

Meet Janis
flat out after lunch

Such a playful thing, and clean beyond belief..

maybe the pet to put on your “next pet list”

Miniature pigs grow no more than 30 – 40cm and are highly trainable.

Quiet, entertaining and highly sociable they make ideals pets…

consider this cutie as an exemplary example

I wonder how Sun Tzu, my puppie, and someone like Janis might get along?


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