Summer anyone? – the place to be

Summer can’t get here fast enough for me.

This collection of images reminds me of the hot sand between my toes, swimming in cool salty water, the heat on my back, the sight and smell of sunblock adorning lithe bodies and flushed faces, and endless gallons of water being consumed to combat dehydration.

With the northern hemisphere in the grip of summer, we’re having our own time out of winter with long cloudless days and temperatures in the early 20s°C.

In winter our mornings are brisk, sweater required, but the days are glorious and mostly warm.

The temperatures in Sydney year round are mild in winter and humid in summer. 80% of our population lives close to or nearby the coastal regions.

Makes for  great weekends, casual BBQs with the neighbors and outdoor cafe dining with friends.

I can guarantee if you’re a visitor to my home town that you’ll find a cafe with great food and outdoor dining in every suburb of Sydney. Most times, many more than one.


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