Next time the clouds come rolling in go outdoors

It’s natural.

You look out the window and see storm clouds rolling in and you think you should stay indoors until it passes.

Next time that urge hits you, grab your camera and head outdoors. Make sure to pack some protective clothing in case it actually does rain. However more often than not you may have no rain and will have wasted some fantastic lighting.

I think of clouds as one big softbox, and when they are grey and laden heavy with moisture they present some dramatic backdrops for your imagery.

Sydney Harbour

Take this one.

I just added a bit of contrast and clarity and its done.

With dark skies you have less light so if you have a DSLR you might want to push up your ISO or increase your exposure compensation by a stop or so.

Either way you want to make sure if you are hand holding the camera that you can keep the shutter speed to a value where you don’t introduce shake. Most people can take a steady image at 1/90.

To get the depth in this shot I chose aperture priority @ f13 and the reciprocating shutter speed was 1/1000s.

I chose f13 because its the sweet spot for my camera..


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