Something magical in the air

I’ve traveled the world over, several times, and still I continue to find something magical about travel.

One thing I’ve become observant about is that I’ve barely seen my country.

Like most Australians, and I would guess like most people from other countries, we tend to end up strangers in our own land.

So a few weeks ago I visited Ayres Rock resort and the Uluru – Kata Tjuta national park. Sitting on the left hand side of the plane as landing approaches you can see “the rock” clearly visible as the dominant feature of the landscape.

What a sight!

Unnaturally red, colossally huge.

You can see the trees nearby as tiny dots painted on the landscape by comparison.

I have many, many tales to tell about this amazing, spiritual landscape and they’ll all come out in good time but so many have asked for a picture of Uluru that I thought I’d get this one up there for you all to see.


If you’re wondering just what type of lens you need to photograph this extraordinary national park think wide angle and telephoto if you can. Remember also to consider a polarizing or ND filter as the light is harsh and bright.


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