Brimming to overflowing

I’m not even back from my month’s vacation with my friend Chris Bernasconi but  I’m brimming to overflowing with tales and imagery to last me a lifetime.

We’ve had a ball; we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, screamed and smiled. We’ve shared a crisis (when I was mugged and had my camera stolen), and rejoiced at the kindness of Ian and his loaning me his back up EOS-1Ds Mark III (which worked like a dream). Thanks Ian!

We’ve shared crazy moments, funny and sad moments. We’ve met many, many new friends, friends we are thankful for meeting in this world.

We’ve shared that awareness of awesome moments, stillness and wonder at the exquisite beauty we’ve encountered and become a part of all that prevails and lingers long after conscious thought. It is embedded in our psyche now.

We’ve shared sleepless times and early mornings (though not many of those) and many, many meaningful conversations late into the wee hours of an Antarctic morning. On those nights in some far away places we’ve become better than best pals. In particular I am en-debited to the universe for this.

We’ve seen sights only few are destined to encounter and its been a privilege and an honor to visit the vast Antarctic continent over this summer with the expedition crew of the Sea Spirit

Antarctic images


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