Shhhh, let’s not grow up tonight….

Like little children being allowed to stay up after midnight we scampered to our room to shower, dress and primp before our driver arrived.

Not half an hour later we were whisked into the air-conditioned comfort of our limo and safely  ensconced until our arrival at Cafe De Los Angelitos. The cafe of little angels is an exquisite representation of a traditional coffee-house in Buenos Aires. Built in 1890 with the name of Bar Rivadavia initially, it has undergone significant restoration to become one of the premier coffee houses in Buenos Aires.

Every night a troup of 21 dancers take to the stage much to the delight of the waiting diners. As the exquisite dinner is finished the curtains open and the show begins weaving its spell over the breathless audience. The music from the live orchestra is “con spirito” in keeping with the sensual movement of hands, feet and body, the coordination between the dancers explicit and exacting. The combination of piano, guitar and piano accordion is so essentially linked to the essence of the dance as to make one believe you are feeling what you see and seeing what you feel.

Whether moving as a single dancer or with their partner in their arms, Tango dancers exemplify ardent sultry expression through their routines. It might just be a job for these 21 dancers who turn up night after night to repeat the show but to the audience it’s like being transported to another life if only for a few hours.

After a one hour and twenty minute show where the audience barely moved save for bathroom stops or to applaud furiously as a show of appreciation for a dance or song, we recognised the night was drawing to a close and our carriage might surely turn into a pumpkin if we didn’t head home after this prime example of Argentinian nightlife. A sight not to be missed and well worth the $$$ spent for this unique experience.

Tango show, Argentina
Tango show, Argentina

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