“Blooming Wild” is at a place near you

Last year I had a ball shooting these images and spent several weekends mosying along the back roads of Western Australia.

They tell me it was a bad year for the wildflowers. Not enough rain and what rain came, came late.

I enjoyed it all mainly because I enjoy getting away from everything; people, towns and just life to a schedule.

For most shots I put a macro lens on, got up real close. I sat or lay on the ground for more than half of them. You often don’t think about how physical photography can be.

I went for a shallow depth of field to create an eeriness, an other-worldliness. The colors are bold and bright against the rich red soils.

But in some ways I could have been in almost any location across the world. We all see colorful splotches in locations close to where we live or visit but I wonder how often we make the effort to stop and take it in. To rest against the earth and take a few moments to appreciate the innate beauty surrounding us.

So when you next see a pretty flower or come across an unusual combination in nature stop for even a little moment to see, really see what you are looking at.

Life’s so extraordinarily packed with what we think we need but at times there’s little satisfaction in the fast paced grind.

For those of you in Sydney you are welcome to come visit my exhibition @ Balmain Library running for the months of May and June and for those of you who are further afield find your own plot of flower heaven, take a seat and enjoy the view.

Blooming wild is an associate exhibition with the Head On Photo Festival 2013.

Blooming Wild
Blooming Wild

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