Taipei, what a fabulous city

I’m not long back from my second trip to Taipei in less than 12 months. Again it struck me how, clean and interesting this city is.  An electronics hub within Asia, this city stood out as a stellar example of  an expanding economy.

However on this occasion it was the food I wanted to write about.

On our second to last evening my hosts took us out to a restaurant with a mouth watering reputation, the Old Kanpei Restaurant. The best part about this was that they cooked the food at your table.

Known as Japanese BBQ style here in Australia, I was to be treated to their own version of it in Taiwan.

Fresh food at Old Kanpei Restaurant, Taipei
Fresh food at Old Kanpei Restaurant, Taipei

You knew the food was fresh, the table service was friendly, not overly so, but you very much felt welcomed into the fold.

I’m sure no one in the restaurant spoke any English but my hosts translated everything fine.

We were treated to a combination of Seafood and meats along with vegetables grilled on our own hotplate at our own table. They changed the grilling plate for every course so none of the residual flavors were trapped and in any way influenced the next dish. It really made a difference.

If you are ever in Taipei please make a point of going to this restaurant and checking out the menu.

You won’t be disappointed.


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