Blooming wild – an exhibition of Western Australian Native Wildflowers

Far below our line of sight live the fairies of the flower world

Often standing  no taller than a few centimeters these delicate flowers are often unknowingly crunched underfoot as we trek through the outback.

Flowering for 3 seasons of the year from mid central WA down along the coast, past Margaret River and as far south as Albany, these flowers burst into bloom after the dry season.

I am delighted to be currently holding a photography exhibition highlighting these natures beauties. Held at the Balmain Library from now until the end of June, the exhibition is free and open to the public during Library hours.

Last night was the official opening. The exhibition is an associated event with the Head On Photo Festival, an annual event during May and June in Sydney.

Many, many thanks to all who attended and to those who sent best wishes to me. Thank you so much.

The evening went off without a hitch, the food was fabulous, again many thanks to my gorgeous friend Francesca Trochei who runs Francesca’s Fine Cuisine. Everyone went home well sated..

Feel free to stop by and enjoy a few quite moments taking in the vibrancy that is integral to WA.

BW collage BWCollageBW open night Collage


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