“Head On” over and see the wildflowers of Western Australia

Typically for a trip like this my camera bag is locked and loaded long before my suitcase, in fact, I have a “go” bag for my photography gear ready at most times. Then with a flourish I check the weather at my intended destination on my iPhone to work out what clothes to pack and I can tell you the effort in that is minimal.

Before I’ve even left the house I meticulously check my intended driving route working on both the distance and time aspects. Keeping in mind that it always takes you longer than you think to get from A to B.

I map out my overnight stays trying to factor in delays due to photo stops along the way. I print the maps, directions included trying to leave as little to chance as possible. Little did I realize that my preparation, considered over the top by some, was actually essential to the successful outcome of the entire purpose of the trip.

I have a list, and a list of that list 🙂

I print out my itinerary and leave it on my fridge. I email another to a friend and yet another to my son so that no one can say they didn’t know where I was. I plan my stops and religiously stick to them. Deviations to the plan, you soon learn, can cost you your life in the outback.

All the while I’m researching the subject, flowers on this occasion, to ensure I’m matching up where I’m going to what I think I want to photograph. This type of background work has helped me on more than one occasion.

Western Australia is a delight to visit. Driving just 50kms away from Perth and already you can feel the excitement. Your blood beats a little quicker, your eyes dilate and your senses expand. You feel as if you are on the edge of a “extraordinary experience”. No wonder that’s the current Western Australia tourist slogan.

Western Australia’s wildflowers rank as one of the State’s most fascinating and precious natural treasures, each year attracting thousands of visitors to study the rare varieties, and around 60 per cent of WA’s wildflowers are found nowhere else in the world.

Flowering from June in the north and traveling to the south-west corner by November allows ample time for tourists to visit this spectacular sight.

My exhibition of the Wildflowers of WA runs through until the end of June at the Balmain Library, in the reading room.

All welcome and this event is free.


Balmain Library location
Balmain Library location

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