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I’ll be at the cafe on Saturday June 15 throughout the day to share with you my experience on this wonderful trip along the Antarctic Peninsular.Antpen-en

The places we went to are impassable with deep hulled ships which is why our expedition with Quark was unique. That, combined with an experienced expedition crew that knew amazing facts about their subject material, meant that we were engaged students of a different type.

It didn’t feel like a classroom, and there were no exams but the excitement of learning about a whole world other clung to my senses like a smell you couldn’t shake.

The peninsular extends 1300 km from a line between Cape Adams (Weddell Sea) and a point on the mainland south of Eklund Islands.

The coasts of the peninsula have the mildest climate in Antarctica and moss and lichen-covered rocks are free of snow during the summer months, although the weather is still intensely cold and the growing season very short.

The animals of Antarctica live on food they find in the sea—not on land—and include seabirds, seals and penguins.

Although protected by the Antarctic Treaty System, which bans industrial development, waste disposal and nuclear testing in this area, there is still a threat to these fragile ecosystems from increasing tourism, of which I’m sorry to say I’ve contributed to. However by the information on my blog I hope to inform you of the vulnerability of this precious area. favorite 2 Collage

favorite 1 Collage

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