Incredible woman

Fresh out of patience and sorely low on sleep I met the most amazing woman on my morning flight to Melbourne.

I could see she was tired and I just wanted to nose my way into a book researching for my next vacation but we duly nodded, greeted and organized ourselves for the hour and a half flight and found in a surprisingly short space of time that we had an incredible amount in common.

The exchange, which lasted the entire journey, energised me for the remainder of my day.

We laughed and reminisced, we shared important moments, family issues and obligations. I saw in her a strong woman, a woman like me who had taken a lifetime to cherish and nurture, to strive and fulfill into super women who are not super women but everyday women leading extraordinary lives.

We shared our drives and our passions and deep philosophies on life and I came away from that meeting with a wonderous feeling of establishment, as if it was fate or destiny or whatever you want to call it that sets us on a path along which we must journey. We had crossed paths as we were meant to do. As a result I feel more empowered on my path and I wonder if she does too?

The world is full of incredible men and women each striving to make a difference in some way. Today has taught me to listen more with my mouth shut and has reinforced my expanding view of the limitless ways we can each make a contribution and help make this world a better place to live.


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