World Oceans Day

You know, I used to think it didn’t matter what I did because in the grand scheme of thing it wouldn’t make a difference. If I voted yes or no, in many ways what I thought seemed contrary to the popular vote and more often than not people didn’t listen.

But now I’m older and more grown into my space and comfortable in who I am and I realize my opinion DOES count.

That’s why on this occasion I asking you to think about WATER. For those of us lucky enough its not something you need to think about every day because its there and its plentiful and the life we see around us in large part is due to water. Water is life-giving and without it we cannot survive.

Remember back to when we learned in school that 70% of the world we live in was covered in water. Well that 70% is still 70% give or take a little but the quality of that water, of those oceans has changed, dramatically.

Now the fate of the last vast Antarctic Ocean is being decided – and we, the general public can help decide its fate.

The health of this ocean, in deed all our oceans, should be important to us because without healthy balanced oceans, life on earth would simply not exist. This is how critically important this issue is.

That’s why this World Oceans Day which is TODAY, we are asking you to call on our leaders to create the world’s largest marine sanctuary in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. This year’s celebration of World Oceans Day is timely. Next month leaders from 25 countries, including the EU, will come together to decide the fate of the last pristine ocean wilderness on Earth, Antarctica’s Southern Ocean.

“This World Oceans Day I’m calling on our leaders to protect the last pristine ocean wilderness on Earth, Antarctica’s Southern Ocean.You should too! SIGN the petition here: and SHARE and LIKE this image with your friends.”


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