What’s on in Sydney this weekend – June 15/16

As usual there’s plenty to see and do in Sydney this weekend but make time to come and see our fabulous exhibition at Societe Cafe in Waterloo.

Frozen Lenses is an associated exhibition with Head On Photo Festival and Christine Bernasconi.

In January this year after 18 months of preparation we left our loved ones behind, packed our cameras and plotted our path towards the Antarctic Peninsular.

We went with Quark Expeditions who have a fantastic reputation in this area.

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be at the cafe all day from 8am on Saturday and from 10am on Sunday available to answer questions you might have about the trip, the ship, taking the shots or just to mull over what an incredible experience it was to visit this awesome place.

Come and visit, take the time for a snack (I’m having breakfast there – the fiesta scrambled eggs are divine..) or coffee and please  come up to me at the cafe to chat, I’m very happy to speak with you. I’ll have our daily planner there so show you where we went and what we looked for to give our images the vitality that speaks to ANTARCTICA.


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