Radio interview

Had a blast of a week.

Earlier this week Christine Bernasconi and I were interviewed by John Donegan of 702 radio for a piece about our current exhibition, Frozen Lenses, and how the trip to Antarctica came about.

It brought back vivid memories about life aboard the ship, the people, all the group activities and the glorious scenery we were privileged to witness.

I don’t really know what makes a person want to go to the end of the earth. Is it the wildness of a continent untamed? or pristine long held beliefs in ice more than a mile thick? or maybe its wildlife unafraid of mankind, scampering towards you, staring unblinkingly, studying you just as closely as you study them.

Whatever the reasons, they are indelibly linked to our psyche and are as unique to each and every one of us as our DNA.

I cannot tell you a singular reason for wanting to visit this vast frozen continent, too many of them bind my mind, tendrils as fine as whispers flowing freely in creativity…

what I wish for, what I know is that we should care for and protect this incredible land for our sake today and for that of generations to come.

Please click on the link to listen to our interview of the trip and the making of this exhibition.


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