Need a place to stay in Perth? Next time try the Pan Pacific

By far my place of choice to stay, the modern face of the Pan Pacific hides some very traditional values that make you feel right at home in this bright and happy hotel.

From the moment the taxi door opens and you are greeted by the hotel staff.

Julie, behind the front desk, smiles and greets me by name, a small but effective means of catching my attention.

The check-in process is seamless and I  quickly proceed towards my room.

I’m on the 21st floor with a view of the swan river and the esplanade and because I’ve just come off a 5 hour flight and I’m attached at the hip with my computer  I settle down almost immediately to check my emails so easily accessible via the hotel WIFI network. Once that first “fix”of information has come and gone I change into my workout gear and head down towards the gym.

Here I can work off some of tomorrow’s worries and get through  my usual exercise regime quickly and on some high class equipment.

The hotel is well situated on the corner of Hill street and Adelaide Terrace. It’s easily within walking distance of the shopping malls and super convenient if you’ve rented a car to high-foot it out of town for a day or two. I’ve used the hotel as base camp a few times when I’ve wanted to do day trips to locations outside of the city.

I usually walk to the many cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area for a change of scenery when I eat however the Origins restaurant offers great a la carte dining with a modern Australian twist for the evening meal. The Lobby Lounge is another great spot that serves delicious light meals from the bar menu and for breakfast try Montereys for that light and healthy start to your day.

For those of you like me who never seem to have the time when at home to make it to the local spa the Rose Moon Day Spa offers health and beauty treatments to relax and rejuvenate you. I try to fit in at least one session when I’m in town. Appointments are easily arranged and it’s open till late, 7 days a week.

My only complaint is that the hotel is often booked out. I often have to make last minute arrangements to come to Perth and have found times I cannot get a room in this 458 room hotel. The impact of the mining industry and their fly in – fly out scheduling makes it difficult for everyday travelers like m

Still this is my best choice of hotel for staying in Perth and suggest you jot the name down for your next visit in town. You won’t be disappointed.


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