Berlin 25 years on

This clearly is a travel post._DSF5106

I’m now in Berlin and thought I could update you on my impressions of this city,

This year, in November, marks 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall and all it represents. What better time to visit this historical, much spoken of city.

This is my first trip to Europe in a couple of years, the last one being to Prague in 2012.

I flew via Dubai and London on Qantas. It was my first time through Dubai on the Qantas network and I was certainly impressed. Dubai airport is efficient, clean and colourful, three things to dazzle your senses after the seemingly endless travel from our distant shores.

I was lucky to score an upstairs seat on the A380 and I arrived rested but seemingly permanently scrunched into  a seated position. Nothing that a hot bath couldn’t get rid of but adding to my discomfort until my well awaited sleep.

I was delighted to find German efficiency reigned through the customs process and I was soon on my way via taxi to my hotel.

My hotel is great. I’m staying at the NH Berlin Potsdamer Platz. Situated on Stresemannstrausse, it’s perfectly positioned to take advantage of local bus and train transportation. Yesterday, despite being sorely jet lagged I managed, with the help of Jennifer of behind the front desk, to catch the M41 bus in to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the central railway station.

Camera in hand, I spent some time there until my knees and back finally forced me to return to the sanctuary of my hotel.

Tomorrow I’m headed for a city highlights bus tour, something I feel compelled to do when I only have a few days to see a city. It provides me with an overview of the city layout that helps me find where I want to spend more time.

For now that’s all… check in tomorrow


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