Berlin – Too many things to see and not enough time to see it all

First full day in Berlin and I’m overwhelmed. I knew coming in, that this city was steeped in history but I underestimated the allure of early European architecture, fashion and art loaded into an already full agenda.

Those that know me, know of my preoccupation with form and shapes, lines and colour. These undoubtedly link with my visual eccentricities but there can be no doubt that this city in particular is brimming with vibrancy, across all measurable standards.

I visited (briefly) the Jewish Museum and Checkpoint Charlie, and finally understood what the East Side Gallery is all about. I learned of an aquarium that houses over 1500 fish and stands 25 meters tall, and I spent a silent moment at the Holocaust Memorial.

I checked out the Sony building and the Film Haus, with a stop at Antiquitatenmeile where many precious antiques are to be found.

I learned that Berlin has the largest concentration of universities, colleges and research institutions in all of Germany.

None of these places I did in any detail today and will re-visit the East Side Gallery and Checkpoint Charlie, along with the Holocaust Memorial, tomorrow.

Tomorrow I plan in  a walking tour and tonight I plan on letting the thought bubble and splatter away overnight in my brain till I finally wake just before dawn to scramble into position for any early morning shoot opportunities. Only then will I plan my day.

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