What is Aperture and when to use Aperture Priority

Aperture priority, is it really necessary

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Aperture is one of three critical functions you must learn to maximize your photography skill. The other two are shutter function and ISO but we will deal with these two items another day.

For today, let’s just concentrate on what aperture is and how to use it.

The range of apertures you have to select from varies dependent on the lens you are using. Get your camera out and take a look at the range of aperture values available to you with your current lens. Some lenses open wider than others, and close down smaller. If a lens opens up to a very low number such as 1.2 or 1.4, we call this a very fast lens. It simply means that the lens in question opens to a wider diameter, and therefore allows more light to the focal plane, making it work with a faster shutter speed. Having a ‘fast…

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