“Blooming Wild” is at a place near you

Last year I had a ball shooting these images and spent several weekends mosying along the back roads of Western Australia. They tell me it was a bad year for the wildflowers. Not enough rain and what rain came, came late. I enjoyed it all mainly because I enjoy getting away from everything; people, towns and just life to a schedule. For most shots I … Continue reading “Blooming Wild” is at a place near you

A compelling road trip around the extraordinary countryside of NSW

This extraordinary road trip, right on your doorstep, delivers beyond expectations for all the family Travel to the serene tranquillity of Mt Kosciusko, be charmed by the Riverina Highway, from there arrive at the ancient secrets of Mungo National Park, finishing off with more than you thought possible to do at Broken Hill, and returning home via routes used by early explorers through the Blue … Continue reading A compelling road trip around the extraordinary countryside of NSW

Images to make you happy

This is one of the two images I recently submitted for  exhibition. Just looking at it produced a happy glow somewhere inside me. I had a lot of fun producing it and it was really very easy. This was shot with my 5D MKII and a 100mm macro lens Using only the overhead lighting in my kitchen and the camera mounted on a tripod I … Continue reading Images to make you happy

Exhibition coming up

Hi everyone, I’m taking advantage of the recent pilgrimage to Western Australia where I had the opportunity to shoot the wildflowers. Commencing Oct 3rd I am exhibiting as part of a mixed media group at the Frendz Community Gallery in Lindfield Sydney. Opening night it Oct 5th at 6pm. I know most of the people who read my blog are not local so after the … Continue reading Exhibition coming up